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 Captain: Nancy Trejo
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1 ⭐️ 3 32:41 Female Springfield, MO 5K
Ran my neighborhood at 1am! Great run, but no wind...also some very weird people out that late. Awesome start to an awesome weekend!
2 🏆 26 55:25 Female Everett, WA 69° F 5K
What a great way to start this holiday weekend! We walked as a group this time, first time I have ever walked but it was so much fun laughing with friends all the way!

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 Springfield, MO
I'm a couch potato turned kickboxer turned runner.
 Ozark, MO
I LOVE ANIMALS, I volunteer at a local animal shelter, and 90%...
 Renton, WA
I'm a teacher of 6th grade and I love to run!
 Everett, WA
Run for fun, friends, puppies and fitness! My last puppy was m...
 Everett, WA
I love pups! I have a 2 year old Boxer pup named Dexter and a ...